Wireshark Generic Dissector

To define your first protocol with Generic Dissector, you need to create 2 text files :
- my_first_proto.fdesc
- my_first_proto.wsgd

Data format desciption

Your protocol contains few messages.
You must describe them inside my_first_proto.fdesc

Message identifier

Let's say your message is identified by a 16 bits integer.
As you want to display/use a clear name, you must use an enum.

enum16  T_my_msg_id          
  my_msg_Xxx       1001
  my_msg_yYy       1002
  my_msg_zzZ       1003
  # ...

Message header

All your messages begin by the header which contains at least :
- the message identifier field
- a field about the length of the message.
And do not forget to specify, at the beginning, the data byte order :
- big endian (also known as network, motorola : the bytes are not inverted)
- little endian (also known as intel : the bytes are inverted)

struct  T_my_msg_header
  byte_order       big_endian ;
  T_my_msg_id      msg_id ;                     
  uint16           size_after_header ;          
  # ...

1st Message

All your messages begin by the header.
The data byte order is already specified inside the header.

struct  T_my_msg_xxx                       
  T_my_msg_header  header ;
  # ...

Message switch case

You need to link each message identifier with the corresponding message type.
You must define a switch with a parameter = message identifier type.

switch  T_my_msg_switch  T_my_msg_id
case  T_my_msg_id::my_msg_Xxx :  T_my_msg_xxx  "" ;
case  T_my_msg_id::my_msg_yYy :  T_my_msg_yyy  "" ;
case  T_my_msg_id::my_msg_zzZ :  T_my_msg_zzz  "" ;
# ...

default          :
  # No time to describe all the messages
  T_my_msg_header          header ;
  raw(size_after_header)   the_end_of_the_message ;

Wsgd file description

See Wsgd file description for more details.

PROTONAME         My First Protocol
PROTOABBREV       my_first

# Specify when the protocol is used.
# Change the port, at least, to see your data.
PARENT_SUBFIELD          tcp.port

MSG_HEADER_TYPE                        T_my_msg_header
MSG_ID_FIELD_NAME                      msg_id
MSG_TOTAL_LENGTH                       size_after_header + 8       # 8 is the size of the header in this example
MSG_MAIN_TYPE                          T_my_msg_switch(msg_id)


include  my_first_proto.fdesc ;

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