Wireshark Generic Dissector

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Generic Dissector permits to display clearly your data inside wireshark.

Without Generic Dissector           With Generic Dissector Display example without wsgd Display example with wsgd

No code to do.
The description of your data is read from a text file.

Data format description

To describe your data, Generic Dissector provides the most simple syntax, including :
- basic types (integers, float, string ...)
- transform options (quantum, expression) to compute a value from the packet one
- display options (hex, oct, bin, printf format, expression)
- constaint specification (min and max values) to detect errors in data (red line)
- Array (fixed or variable size)
- Enum
- Bit field
- Structure
- Conditions and loops (if, while, do while, ...)
- Switch case
- Functions
- Global data
- subproto data

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